AMD’s Chutzpah Is Sexy

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AMD's Chutzpah Is Sexy

I cannot believe that I am saying this, but AMD has managed to make itself sexy and alluring. It has done so by buying ATI. Sure, I did harp on in the past about Nvidia buying AMD, but it seems that Nvidia is a mite too arrogant and cocksure for AMD, at least that is the feeling coming from jilted Texan hearts.

However, I am shocked that the running dogs of capitalism – many of whom have secretly, and not so secretly, longed for something more from AMD and ATI – have not embraced the deal. Sure, it looks like an awful lot of money for AMD: Nvidia would have probably asked for twice as much. Sure, it is not clear how Intel will retaliate. Sure, ATI could lose a lot of Intel business, but the numbers tell a different story.

What does the merger between AMD and ATI mean? Click here to read on ….