Sony’s new camcorders record high-def to mini-DVDs and hard drive

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Sony's new camcorders record high-def to mini-DVDs and hard drive

Sony introduced two camcorders that are capable of recording 1080i resolution video to miniature DVDs: Both the HDR-UX1 and HDR-SR1 models support 1920 by 1080 pixels (interlaced) and Dolby 5.1 surround sound using the new AVCHD codec (Advanced Video Codec High Definition). The UX1 model uses a 3″ DVD discs, while the SR1 version writes to a built-in 30 GB hard drive.

In addition to recording video, the camcorders can shoot four-megapixel still images. Both camcorders use a Carl Zeiss lens and integrates a 3.5″ LCD screen, which doubles as a touch-sensitive menu.

The camcorders have an HDMI output port which, with an HDMI cable, can output directly to an HD television set or preview monitor. Sony promises that their future Blu-Ray players and PlayStation 3 will play the video footage taken with the new camcorders.

Both camcorders will be available later this year: The HDR-UX1 is expected to carry a suggested retail price of about $1400 and be available in September; the HDR-SR1 will cost $1500 and hit store shelves October.


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