Heartmath releases stress reliever gadget

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Heartmath releases stress reliever gadget

Stressed out professionals like tech support personnel and Microsoft Exchange administrators may want to look into Heartmath’s new Emwave Personal Stress Reliever. The cell phone sized card measures heart rhythms and then provides color coded feedback on how stressed out you really are.

Users can either press their thumb against the sensor or clip a sensor onto their ears. The emWave then measures heart rhythms for what they call “coherence”. According to Heartmath, more coherence means less stress.

Much like biofeedback machines, the emWave doesn’t actually reduce stress, but merely provides an indication of a stress level. It’s then up to the user to follow the training CD and use rhythmic breathing to reduce stress.

While the machine may help some people, it’s worthy to note that similar stress indicating machines can actually increase stress as users become frustrated with the readings. In addition, some people may opt to attend a yoga class or even the gym, which may actually be cheaper than the Emwave’s $200 price tag.