Panasonic announces $13,000 Blu-ray home theater

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Panasonic announces $13,000 Blu-ray home theater

Secaucus (NJ) – Slowly but surely, your options for a high-definition home theater experience will increase. Following Samsung, which just launched a Blu-ray player and other firms such as Sony, Panasonic will introduce a premium Blu-ray player that can be tied into a HD home theater consisting of a matching receiver and speaker system. Before you go shopping, check your savings account.

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$1000 is for a player such as Samsung’s recently launched BD-P1000 is merely the entry-fee into a basic high-definition video experience, at least if we are talking about Blu-ray. Movie enthusiasts that are looking for all that HD can offer these days will be looking at substantially more money: If you are interested in Panasonic’s HD idea, you will be looking at about $5300, without a TV that actually can take advantage of all those pixels and sound.

In September of this year, the company will offer a $1300 Blu-ray player, a $1000 receiver as well as a $3000 speaker system. While sold separately, Panasonic said that these three products are designed to work “seamlessly” together as a complete high definition home theater system. “Each has been designed to optimize the benefits of Blu-ray Disc technology when integrated with Panasonic’s plasma HDTVs,” the firm said. Ideally, customers should consider Panasonic’s TH-65PX600 65″ plasma display, which is expected to be available as well in September for about $8000.

The Blu-ray player DMP-BD10 is positioned as a premium device that incorporates a 296 MHz, a 14 bit Video D/A converter as well as playback capability for 25 and 50 GB media. Panasonic claims that the player “theoretically” can reproduce 4400 billion colors. Technical data are scarce at this time; however, descriptions at online shops currently indicate that the DMP-BD10 will include the HDMI 1.3 interface, which was announced today and will be providing a greater bandwidth and color capacity than the current HDMI 1.1 devices. We were not able to confirm this claim, but it would be an explanation for the high price of the player.

The Blu-ray Disc receiver SA-XR700 promises “extraordinary sound quality for a dramatic and immersive home theater listening experience.” Key features of the device include 7.1 channel sound that is supported by a full digital amplifier, 100 watt per channel output, wireless connectivity, XM radio connect and three HDMI interfaces.

Complementing the system is the SB-TP1000 speaker system, which provides 32 audio streams for surround sound as well as twin speaker technology that enables users to accurately hear dialog from the center of the Plasma screen regardless of the listening position.