Intel, Microsoft and others demo Wireless USB interoperability

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Intel, Microsoft and others demo Wireless USB interoperability

Computer users expect USB mice, memory sticks and other devices to work without fail when plugged into their computers. Vendors at the Certified Wireless USB Developers Conference in San Jose, Calif., provided first signs that interoperability will also apply to the next generation of USB devices, called Certified Wireless USB. Multi-vendor interoperability was demonstrated during the conference’s keynote with the transferring of high-definition video wirelessly at up to 480 Mb/s.

Industry heavyweights Alereon, Intel, Microsoft, Philips and Realtek participated in the demo. A laptop with an Intel/Alereon Wireless USB host adapter transferred high definition video from a Philips/Realtek hard-drive emulator. Windows XP with new wireless USB drivers from Microsoft was used.

Certified Wireless USB will allow people to connect up to 127 devices and have up to 480 Mb/s bandwidth within a distance of 3m/9ft and 110 Mb/s within 10m/30ft.


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