Nvidia sees Ipod-quality audio in Windows Mobile devices

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Nvidia sees Ipod-quality audio in Windows Mobile devices

Taipei (Taiwan) – Nvidia could spark a new round of Ipod type Windows Mobile devices as the company today announced the development of a hardware multimedia platform for Microsoft software-based portable products.

The “multimedia platform” apparently was created in an effort to give the firm’s somewhat invisible cellphone graphics processor product family a boost. Capable graphics solutions for Windows Mobile devices, including cellphones are already available, for example built on blueprints provided by IP company Imagination Technologies, but Nvidia now claims that it actually came up with a complete multimedia solution – adding an audio component to graphics-only chips.

Nvidia said that its “MobileMedia Platform is a complete development kit” that contains all necessary hardware and software components to enable “smooth Digital TV and video, (…) 3D graphics for gaming [and] high fidelity audio.” Targeted especially at version 5.0 of Windows Mobile, Nvidia’s hardware is based on the Goforce 5500 processor, the firm’s currently fastest graphics and audio engine for handheld devices.

The processor runs at a core clock of 200 MHz, comes with 640 kB of embedded SRAM and is available in three different versions with either 2, 8 or “up to 32 MB” external memory, according to Nvidia’s website. Among the most significant features of the processor are support for up to 10-megapixel digital cameras, a maximum display resolution of 1024×768 pixel, a 24-bit audio engine and the capability to encode (320×240 pixel at 15 fps and 384 kb/s) and decode H.264 video (720×480 pixel at 30fps.)

According to Nvidia’s press agency, there is no direct cooperation between Nvidia and Microsoft at this time – besides the usual interaction of engineers. So, at least for now and officially, there is no Microsoft/Nvidia Ipod in the works. But it doesn’t take much to predict that those rumors will be resurfacing soon.

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