Image gallery: Star Trek: Legacy

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Image gallery: Star Trek: Legacy

Star Trek fans rejoice: Here is one of the first games that allows players to reneact famous battles of the Star Trek space adventures.

Players will be able to control ships from different eras in the Star Trek timeline, from the ill-fated Captain Archer Enterprise to the NCC-1701-E Sovereign Class Enterprise. In addition to Federation ships, players can also command Klingon, Romulan and Borg ships.

Get a first impression of the gameplay and graphics in our slide show.

See the Star Trek: Legacy slide show here…

Additionally, we offer a video download of a presentation of Star Trek Legacy, we saw at the E3 2006 tradeshow and conference:

Video Download: Star Trek: Legacy

The video is of actual gameplay and is not a pre-rendered demo video available elsewhere on the Internet.

H.264 high-resolution video (4:45 min) 1 Mb/s – 36.8 MB
WMV low-resolution video 512 kb/s – 20.5 MB

If you have questions on how to playback H.264 video, please read our FAQ.