Game developer Mad Doc demos Star Trek: Legacy

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Game developer Mad Doc demos Star Trek: Legacy

Los Angeles (CA) – Star Trek fans have been waiting patiently for a serious space combat game adaption, but their wait may soon be over: Mad Doc Software, under Bethesda Softworks, recently revealed first details about what appears to become a Trek game to watch out for – Star Trek: Legacy. TG Daily got first look and a chance to capture first sequences on video.

Players will be able to control ships from different eras in the Star Trek timeline, from the ill-fated Captain Archer Enterprise to the NCC-1701-E Sovereign Class Enterprise. In addition to Federation ships, players can also command Klingon, Romulan and Borg ships. You can see all the phaser and photon torpedo carnage in our video shot.

The video shows actual gameplay and except for the cut scenes, game video was rendered on the fly. Legacy’s campaign mode will have the player start off with early Enterprise ships. Players can advance to future eras, as they complete missions that are drawn from the movies and television shows.

Skirmish play is also supported with a few dozen ships available for each of the four races. Mad Doc Software has taken some artistic license by creating ships that weren’t in the movies or TV shows. One example is the Borg Tactical Cube, which is a beefed up version of the regular cube seen in the movies. Krasnauskas said the design was theirs, but added that it was approved by Paramount.

Star Trek: Legacy will be available in September for both the Xbox360 and the PC.

Video Download: Star Trek: Legacy

The video is of actual gameplay and is not a pre-rendered demo video available elsewhere on the Internet.

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