Panda Software warns that malware increasingly targets MMOs

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Panda Software warns that malware increasingly targets MMOs

Glendale (CA) – Panda Software issued a statement today saying that malware is increasingly targeting MMO games. Crooks are using Trojan horse programs to steal login details, which can later be used to sell off rare items and virtual gold. Two popular games, Lineage and World of Warcraft, have been the target of several Trojans recently.

Password stealing malware isn’t new, and much of what Panda is warning about is already known in the MMO community. It was just a few weeks ago that TG Daily reported on the latest Trojan to steal World of Warcraft passwords. Last year there were several programs that stole passwords from Lineage and other NCSoft games. In addition, some unscrupulous gaming cafes in Asia routinely install keyloggers to catch game account information.

Panda is advising players to use caution when chatting or sending out files to strangers. Of course, the company also recommends its own security suite, Platinum 2006 Internet Security.

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