TG Daily Video: E3 2006 VRX Racing Simulator

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TG Daily Video: E3 2006 VRX Racing Simulator

Los Angeles (CA) – Racing simulator fans will like our video interview with Ken Street of VRX Industries. His company sells a complete racing system complete with pedals, steering wheel, spring-mounted seat and a 1000 watt amplifier. 5.1 surround sound speakers are mounted on the Sparco racing seat behind the player’s head and also at feet level. Watch our video to see Street talk about the complete system and see him almost crash at the first turn in the track.

A tester tries out the VRX racing simulator at the Intel booth at E3.

The system is based on a R Factor which is a publicly available racing simulator. Street told us the race tracks were authentically reproduced and all the sounds were recorded directly from the actual racing cars. Street is also building in head tracking that will zoom in the view if the player tilts forward, however he was not able to demonstrate this at the time of our interview.

The VRX Racing simulator is available for PC computers for $3,495.

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