Gefen rides to the rescue of beleaguered consumers with HDTV adapter

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Gefen rides to the rescue of beleaguered consumers with HDTV adapter

It seems that in this confused era of HD Compatible, HD Ready and HD all over the shop, the only people who will tell you the bad news about your new TV not actually being able to display all high-def content are the ones trying to sell you adapters to ensure that they can.

One such vendor is Gefen, who tells us straight that the various audio/video interfaces on most of today’s HDTV sources and displays do not always connect easily to each another. DVI, for example, doesn’t transmit audio with its high definition resolutions up to 1920×1080 progressive (1080p) though HDMI does.

So, they’ve offered up an adapter to solve your woes, which allows you to send HD video to your display with digital audio in TOSlink and S/PDIF formats. The adapter comes equipped with one DVI, one TOSlink and one S/PDIF input, and the HDMI display and audio receiver connect to the unit’s digital outputs. Installation is, we’re assured, a simple plug and play affair, and the unit runs on its own 5v power supply.

With many having invested in HD TVs that aren’t quite as high-def compatible as they had thought we can doubtlessly expect to see more companies like Gefen riding heroically to the rescue.

The DVI audio adapter is priced at $300, while the component audio to HDMI adapter runs for $200.