Super Mario Galaxy coming to a Wii near you

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Super Mario Galaxy coming to a Wii near you

No Nintendo gaming platform would be the same without a Super Mario game, and the Wii is no exception. Though only a working title at the moment, and with no announced release date as yet (so we can presume it’s not going to be a launch title), Super Mario Galaxy was on show at the Nintendo press conference in Hollywood this morning.

Naturally enough the game will be taking advantage of the Wii controller, and as this iteration of the series is set in space (don’t ask me how he got there) Nintendo is promising to take full advantage of the motion controller to have Mario flying around in all directions in the zero gravity.

Details are very sketchy at the moment, and one could perhaps get the feeling that Nintendo announced the game simply so we wouldn’t be left asking “Where’s the Mario game?” Nevertheless we now know for certain that he’s coming.

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