Nintendo shows off more controller action with Red Steel from Ubisoft

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Nintendo shows off more controller action with Red Steel from Ubisoft

One of the several games which Nintendo showed off at its press conference earlier was Red Steel from Ubisoft, a first person game which contains both shooting and sword fighting. Yes, yes that is just showing off the controller, but as long as it’s fun we won’t complain.

While it does not look as graphically sophisticated as the offerings from Sony and Microsoft are promising to be later in the year, the game is an authentic shooter, with deformable scenery and real time physics.

The controller was taking centre stage again, and one can move with one controller and then use your arm completely independently with the other. As the Ubisoft representatives pointed out, this means that you can do everything up to holding and firing your weapon “gangster style” if you so wish, as well as enabling you to open or beat down doors as you normally would (well, normal for the former we hope.) One can also make hand gestures, for example to order people to kneel down or take cover. We can see this coming into play in tactical shooters in particular.

The sword fighting demonstrated is a matter of parry and thrust, and according to our own Rob Wright, who was sitting quite close to the stage, it all looks very intuitive, and certainly entertaining.

Red Steel will be one of the 27 games that Nintendo says will be playable on the show floor at E3 later in the week.

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