Analysis software promises blockbuster game concepts every time

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Analysis software promises blockbuster game concepts every time

A UK-based company has developed a piece of analytic software which, they claim, can predict whether a game will be a blockbuster success or a total flop. The Strange Analyst software, which will be showcased at E3 this week, is a software tool that enables developers to perform thorough competitive analysis to justify the industry potential of their game concept from the perspective of a computer games publisher.

In non-marketing speak, that means it’ll tell you whether the game concept some lowly developers are pitching will be a commercial success or not. The software works by allowing developers to profile their potential game concept, compare it against the profiles of thousands of published games and quickly analyze their successful competitors. This, the thinking goes, will allow them to pitch sure-fire ideas to publishers.

Of course, the cynical among us might point out that this may limit creative expression and make all games essentially play the same. We would also point out that before the most successful game franchise on Earth, The Sims, was released there were no successful games like it; and indeed Will Wright had the game concept turned down for just this reason on several occasions.

Still, if Strange Analyst can pull it off, then we can see developers breaking down booth babes to get to their stall.

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