Multiplayer sim WarBirds 2006 to take flight at E3

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Multiplayer sim WarBirds 2006 to take flight at E3

The multiplayer WarBirds series is to receive an updated incarnation at E3 Monday, with the unveiling of WarBirds 2006. Set during World War II, the WarBirds series is a massively multiplayer take on the conflict, ranging 100 different aircraft and vehicles, including fighter and bomber aircraft, tanks, or naval ships across various theatres of war.

WarBirds 2006 promises a new Scoring system for Fighter Pilots, Bomber Pilots, and Tank commanders which allow them to gain experience points by accomplishing game missions. These points allow players to earn military ranks from Cadet to Brigadier General and to win Combat Medals.

The new version will also include new terrain and various other features, including the integrated voice communications we are coming to expect of all online games worth their salt. Further details can be found on the TotalSims website.

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