TG Daily Video: Ibuypower launches 19" SLI notebook

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TG Daily Video: Ibuypower launches 19" SLI notebook

This may be the biggest notebook computer you would ever want to carry around. If you thought a 17″ notebook display was huge, think again: Ibuypower has begun offering a laptop system with a 19″ screen. The devices comes with two Nvidia GeForce graphics cards running in SLI mode and weighs a record-breaking 20 pounds.

The NB-SC600-SLI integrates an AMD Turion processor and up to 2 GB of system memory. If graphics horsepower is what you are looking for, the two GeForce 7800 GTX cards powering 1680 by 1050 pixels of screen resolution may be just what you have been waiting for in a portable computer.

Prices for the system start at around $3000.

Video Download: Ibuypower NB-SC600-SLI 19″ laptop

TG Daily and Tom’s Hardware met with Darren Su to get a first look of the NB-SC600.

There are two versions of the video interview. The first is H.264/AVC, which requires either a very powerful processor or a video card that accelerates H.264 playback. The second version is a lower resolution Windows Media Video and should play fine on most systems.

H.264 high-resolution video (1:44 min) 1 Mbit/s – 12.9 MB

WMV low-resolution video (1:44 min) 512 kbit/s – 7.3 MB


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