Gateway intros dual-core tablet PC

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Gateway intros dual-core tablet PC

Irvine (CA) – Gateway today announced the M285-E convertible PC as addition to its existing family of tablet PC notebooks. The new model is available with Intel’s dual-core Core Duo processors, but maintains the mainstream pricing of previously announced models. An entry-level dual-core tablet PC will follow in May.

Ever since their first presentation not quite five years ago, tablet PCs have remained in a fairly narrow niche market. Premium pricing of convertible PCs has prevented the segment to achieve the mainstream status Microsoft originally forecasted. However, tablets are on the move and it appears that especially Gateway is making progress with leading the US retail market in tablet PC sales with a 54% share, according to NPD.

Two new models are set to complement the M280 and CX200 models Gateway currently offers. The M285-E and CX210 represent upgrades to their respective sister models: Instead of a single-core Pentium-M processor, the M-285-E comes standard with a dual-core Core Duo CPU. The entry-level CX210 will be available in May and can also be equipped with a new dual-core processor.

According to Gateway, the new devices will keep the 14″ display, a magnesium structure, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a 12-cell battery that can provide enough power for an eight-hour workday. An Intel GMA950 graphics chipset is standard, but can be upgraded to an ATI-based X1400 chip. Further technical details about key components of the M-285-E were not announced.

The additional horsepower of a dual-core PC comes with a premium in price. Gateway currently offers the single-core Pentium M 740 (1.73 GHz) based M280 tablet for about $1250 through its website. According to Gateway, the dual-core version will be available today from $1400. Pricing for the CX210 has not been announced.


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