2 GB flash memory for your cellphone

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2 GB flash memory for your cellphone

Seoul (Korea) – Samsung today said that it has developed a 2 GB MMCmicro flash card for cellphones. Capable of carrying about 400 digital music tracks, the fingernail-sized storage device is the fastest and highest capacity memory card for mobile phones, Samsung claims.

If the 512 MB storage capacity of Motorola’s Rokr phone didn’t cut it, and a heavy hard drive-based cellphone isn’t an option to store large amounts of data, Samsung may have just what you are waiting for. The firm’s aggressive push of higher capacity flash memory now reaches down to the cellphone.

A new 2 GB MMCmicro card, consisting of four 4 Gbit NAND flash chips, provides enough room for about 25 hours of digital audio, multiple (cellphone-) high-resolution movies or more than 5000 megapixel photographs.

Availability and pricing of the card have not been announced; however, Samsung said that it will be shipping a 1 GB MMCmicro card, which was announced about three months ago, “later this year.” US Retail sources told TG Daily that they would expect the pricing of the card to come in at “less than $50.”

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