Dell’s XPS gaming notebook gets dual-core CPUs

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Dell's XPS gaming notebook gets dual-core CPUs

Round Rock (TX) – Dell today upgraded its flagship XPS notebook with Intel’s Core Duo chip and a new 512 MB Nvidia graphics processor. A special edition “Formula Red” device offers virtually any performance component money can buy today.

Following its (sold out) $10,000 Renegade desktop PC, Dell today replaced its XPS M170 gaming notebook with the improved M1710 version. A slightly revised case design as well as a newer generation of hardware components improves the notebook’s performance “up to 35%” if compared to the predecessor, Dell said.

Dual-core processors now come standard in the high-end XPS series, while the single-core Pentium M remains the only option in the multimedia-focused XPS M140 notebook. The new M1710 also offers a choice of upgraded graphics processors, either a 256 MB Go 7900 GS or a 512 MB Go 7900 GTX chip. Just in case you wondered, the graphics system is not (yet) offered as dual-graphics SLI solution.

Other hardware components include up to 100 GB hard drive space, up to 2 GB of system memory and a 17″ W-UXGA (1920×1200 pixel) screen. According to Dell, the device can be equipped with up to 120 GB hard drive space and up to 4 GB of memory; however, these options are currently not offered through the online ordering form currently online.

In an effort to appeal to more gamers, the company offers two different case designs. Besides the regular black design, the Dell offers a more aggressive “Formula Red” version. Both versions include an adjustable 16-color illumination of the touchpad.

Pricing starts at about $2600 for the base model in metallic black; the Formula Red versions starts at around $3400 and tops out at about $4400. If ordered now, the XPS M1710 is estimated to ship in the second week of May.

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