Sprint launches child finding service

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Sprint launches child finding service

Sprint has launched a new service that lets parents pinpoint their children’s location with either a cellphone or a PC. The subscription-based “Family Locator Service” allows parents to give their children a GPS-enabled phone that can be tracked online.

When the parent requests the location of a phone, a text message is sent to the phone to inform the child. Parents can check the location on an interactive map on either a computer or a phone with the Family Locator Service software installed. The map provides the street address along with surrounding landmarks. The parent can then call or send a text message to the phone.

In addition to checking locations, the phone can be set up to send an automated message as soon as a child has arrived at a certain location. This would be useful in making sure someone arrives at school or a relative’s house. 30 different GPS equipped phones can be tracked with a computer or with the locator software that can be installed on 17 different phone models. Subscribers can register up to four phones and can send a maximum of 100 text messages to those phones.

Sprint Family Locator is currently available for $10 a month.