Buffalo announces Broadcom-based draft 11n line

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Buffalo announces Broadcom-based draft 11n line

Austin (TX) – Buffalo Technology today announced its draft 802.11n product line, the first to based on Broadcom’s “Intensi-fi” chipset.

The line includes the AirStation Nfiniti Wireless Router and AP (WZR-G300N), PCI Adapter (WLI-PCI-G300N) and Notebook Adapter (WLI-CB-G300N). Buffalo’s announcement said the products have the “ability to produce data rates near 300Mbps”, similar to other draft-11n products announced last week by Netgear.

The Router and AP features an external switch that allows the product to be used as either a router or access point. But its built-in four port switch supports only 10/100 Ethernet, limiting the product’s per-client speed to under 100Mbps. Other router features include a built-in DHCP server, Wireless Distribution System (WDS) support for bridging and repeating, external antenna connector and Buffalo’s AOSS automatic wireless security configuration capability supporting WEP and WPA-PSK, but not WPA2.

Both the Notebook and PCI adapters include external antenna connectors that allow attachment of higher-gain antennas.

The Router and Notebook card may be ordered now exclusively from, but the site is showing an estimated ship time of “2+” weeks. Buffalo said estimated street pricing for the router and notebook card is $180 and $130, respectively, with PCConnection showing $166 and $150. The PCI adapter will be available next month for about $130.