Lexar files patent infringement complaint against Toshiba

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Lexar files patent infringement complaint against Toshiba

Lexar has filed a patent infringement trade complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) against Toshiba. In the complaint, Lexar alleges that Toshiba is infringing on several flash memory patents, specifically patent numbers 6,801,979, 6,397,314, and 6,978,342. If the ITC agrees with the complaint, retailers could be forced to pull Toshiba flash NAND chips from shelves. In addition, the US Customs could stop Toshiba chips from enetering the US.

In addition to the ITC complaint, Lexar has two outstanding lawsuits against Toshiba. Diane Carlini, a media spokesperson for Lexar, told TG Daily that a state case is currently in the middle of an appeal and a federal case against Toshiba will go to trial in 2007. Carlini also said those suits will continue independently of what happens in the ITC complaint.