Motorola demos WiMax system at CTIA

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Motorola demos WiMax system at CTIA

Motorola is showing a 802.16e WiMax system aimed at fixed wireless broadband deployments at this week’s CTIA Wireless show in Las Vegas.

The company is demoing a VoIP demo to showcase its MOTOwi4 WiMax product, which operates in the 3.5 GHz band that is available “in most of the world”. Although the IEEE 802.16e WiMax standard is most often associated with mobility, Motorola said it is a “more robust wireless access technology” than 802.16-2004 and is”well suited for fixed deployments”.

The MOTOwi4 WiMax system being demonstrated employs an “ultra-light access point” that can be mounted “virtually anywhere” to provide high-speed wireless broadband coverage. The system is said to be compact, lightweight and easy to deploy, making it suitable for new and existing carriers with 3.5 GHz fixed wireless access licenses in developing countries, as well as rural areas in developed countries, especially in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

The product is now shipping in “limited quantities” to pre-selected and qualified operators in several regions across the globe. It is expected to be interoperable with subscriber modem devices manufactured by third parties.