Magellan’s new GPS devices can display pictures and play MP3s

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Magellan's new GPS devices can display pictures and play MP3s

Magellan introduced the RoadMate 3000T, 3050T and 6000T GPS navigation units that behave more like fully featured media devices, rather than simple direction finding devices. In addition to providing directions and routing users around traffic, the new RoadMates also include a photo viewer and an MP3 player.

The new RoadMate devices integrate a 3.5″ color touch screen and an Intel XScale processor that are powered by an internal battery. Map and destination information is preloaded onto the device’s internal harddrive. The RoadMate offers “SmartDetour” which can route the driver around freeway traffic jams. For an extra fee, users can receive live traffic updates that are needed to support the SmartDetour function.

Media playback has been added to the new Magellan units and all three units can playback pictures and music stored on SD cards. Music in both WMA and MP3 formats are supported.

The RoadMate 3000T will be sold next month with other units coming in June and July. Prices will start at about $600.