Access licenses Sony’s LocationFree software

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Access licenses Sony's LocationFree software

Sony announced that Access Co, the new owner of PalmSource, has licensed its LocationFree software for Windows Mobile and cellular phones.

Sony is currently marketing the LocationFree console and software as solution to wirelessly stream TV and DVD content to the Playstation Portable (PSP). The concept is very similar to Slingmedia’s Slingbox and allows users to receive content form their TV at home anywhere in the world – as long as they have access to a broadband Internet connection.

Access is the first company to license LocationFree for use on cellphones. It was unclear whether Access would only use the technology for Windows Mobile Devices or also for its upcoming Access Linux Platform (ALP), a software that is widely expected to replace PalmOS in future devices such as Palm’s Treo smartphone. Access did not provide any details on when LocationFree enabled mobile products could become be available.

Slingmedia will also offer a mobile version of its media streaming service. For about $30 the “SlingPlayer Mobile” is scheduled to be available on 26 April for Windows Mobile smartphones. The application uses broadband Internet connections through EVDO, Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth to stream video content from the TV to a phone.

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