Toshiba Canada offers to recycle computers and monitors

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Toshiba Canada offers to recycle computers and monitors

Canadian residents can now recycle their computer gear and get a shiny new USB flash drive in return. Toshiba Canada has launched their Toshiba Environmental Recovery and Recycling Effort (TERRE), which allows people to have their notebook computers, LCD monitors and Pocket PCs recycled free of charge.

Toshiba arranged for a UPS courier to pick up the machine for free and then delivers a USB flash drive within 8 to 10 weeks. The capacity of the drive has not been specified by Toshiba.

The program is meant for the recycling of non-functioning computers and Toshiba recommends people to seek alternate ways of donating usable computers. Components from any manufacturer, not just from Toshiba, can be recycled. The components are disassembled and either ground up or smelted for precious metals.