Philips recalls 11,800 "Ambilight" LCD TVs

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Philips recalls 11,800 "Ambilight" LCD TVs

Philips is offering to repair 11,800 LCD TVs equipped with “Ambilight” because of a potential safety hazard. The Consumer Products Safety Commission has received nine reports of electrical arcing across capacitors in the back cabinet of the television. The arcing was contained inside the television set and didn’t cause any injuries, the commission said.

Ambilight projects soft light behind the television to enhance the apperance of the TV picture. The feature works by projecting colored light that matches the predominant color of the show or movie currently displayed – for example, if the scene is a reddish sunset, then orange-red would be projected on the wall behind the television. The affected sets were only sold in the United States from June 2005 to January 2006.

Philips and the CPSC are advising buyers to turn off the Ambilight feature and call Philips for a free repair.