LG regains top spot in TV television manufacturer spot

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LG regains top spot in TV television manufacturer spot

LG has regained the number one spot as the world’s leading television manufacturer in the fourth quarter of 2005, according to iSuppli. LG briefly lost its lead in the third quarter to China-based TCL-Thompson Electronics.

In the fourth quarter, LG sold almost 5.7 million television sets and had a 11.0% share of the market. Rival Korean manufacturer Samsung was second with 5.3 million sets sold and a 10.3% share. These sales take into account both traditional CRT sets as well as LCD and rear-projection televisions.

Despite the technological advantages of LCDs over CRTs, the older technology still accounts for 82 percent of the global television market. TTE, which markets televisions in the United States under the RCA brand, dominates the CRT market with a 10.4% market share. Sharp, on the other hand, rules the LCD market with 17.9% of the market.

More than 51.8 million television sets were sold worldwide in the fourth quarter of 2005.