Omron, ITX to bring 100 Mb/s IrDA spec to Symbian devices

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Omron, ITX to bring 100 Mb/s IrDA spec to Symbian devices

Omron and ITX are developing a Symbian OS-compliant variant of the IrSimple protocol, an evolution from the infrared data transmission protocol. IrSimple, adopted as a global standard in August of last year, is expected to increased the current maximum bandwidth of IrDA (4 Mb/s) by a factor of four (16 Mb/s). For the future, the developers of the technology – ITX E, NTT DoCoMo, Sharp and Waseda University – promise a capacity of up to 100 Mb/s for IrSimple.

An IrSimple version for Symbian OS could provide especially cellphone users another option to quickly transfer large files over short distances. At least in cases when there are no objects blocking the visibility between two IrSimple ports, the technology would provide dramatically higher bandwidth than Bluetooth, which is currently limited to 2.1 Mb/s. Current IrDA implementations top out at 4 Mb/s (IrDA-4M) and 115.2 kb/s (IrDA-115K).

Omron and ITX plan to release the Symbian OS-compliant IrSimple technology in May of this year.