Google buys online word processing company

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Google buys online word processing company

Google has acquired Upstartle, maker of the Writely online word processor. The software debuted seven months ago and lets users edit and publish documents online through their web browser. It can even import and export Microsoft Word documents.

Writely, which is still in beta, has many of the features one would expect from a word processor. It has a WYSIWYG interface and offer functions such as font choices and, picture import and collaboration tools such as tracking document changes. Documents are saved every ten seconds on Writely’s servers, which should bring some peace of mind to people who have had one of their hard drives crash. Premium users can export documents as into PDF.

Neither Google nor Upstartle is saying anything that would indicate if the firms will eventually release an online suite to compete with Microsoft’s Office. Financial details were not released.

New user registrations on have been suspended as the company moves their servers over to Google.


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