Centrino moves into cars

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Centrino moves into cars

Intel and Harman/Becker at CeBit announced that the two companies will be developing an open platform for car infotainment devices. Based on the Centrino technology, the products will offer features ranging from audio and video playback, navigation, telematics and software-based driver support. According to the two firms, the capability of the platform will allow new technologies to become available in cars faster than it is the case today.

Besides features that are directly visible to the driver, Intel and Harman/Becker said that the platform, which is designed to run with the QNX real-time operating system, will also enhance the networking features within a car, offer extended maintenance functionalities for car service facilities and will accelerate the system startup time of today’s car electronics.

Car products based on Centrino are expected to be announced in 2007.

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