Sony CEO: PlayStation 3 may just make it by Christmas

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Sony CEO: PlayStation 3 may just make it by Christmas

Foster City (CA) – In an interview with Variety magazine, Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer confirmed reports that his company’s PlayStation 3 will be delayed, from a scheduled spring premiere to an undisclosed period “in time for the holidays.”

Sony’s new PlayStation 3 was widely expected to be introduced this spring, but will be delayed as the company fine-tunes the chips that are crucial to the success of the console’s Blu-ray function.

The PlayStation 3 – which is being called “the poor man’s Blu-ray” – is vital to Sony’s plans because it plays Blu-ray discs as well as videogames.

Sony will roll out the PS3 by year end, in time for the holidays. If PS3 “delivers what everyone thinks it will, the game is up,” Stringer boasts.

What could be holding up the big premiere? Certainly not production of circuit boards, which a Taiwanese news service reports has already been given orders from Sony to begin production, according to The Inquirer.

COMPEQ, which manufactured parts for the PSP, will make the high-density interconnect printed circuit boards for the console…A Chinese website, Mydrivers, says it has a deep throat in the company who said that things have to be underway by June or July.

Earlier this morning, the president of classic video game manufacturer Namco – which brought us the original “Galaxian” and “Pac-Man” – told Bloomberg News that Sony’s original spring release date for PS3 was, by now, impossible to meet.

“Without any announcements so far, the spring release is impossible,” Takasu said yesterday in an interview in Tokyo. “We are developing titles for PlayStation 3, but the release of the games depends on the timing of the hardware.”

Bloomberg contacted a Sony Computer Entertainment spokesperson, who maintained the company line that PS3 remained on track for a spring release. Perhaps she didn’t get the memo from upstairs.