Taiwanese electronics company introduces quarter-sized flash drives

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Taiwanese electronics company introduces quarter-sized flash drives

ATP Electronics out of Taiwan is showing off their new line of very tiny USB flash drives. The appropriately named “Petito” USB 2.0 drives are slightly larger than a United States quarter and weigh just eight grams. The drives come in 512 and 1024 megaByte capacities and can be configured to have a password of up to 16 characters long.

USB flash drives have become progressively smaller and some may argue that they are too small. The Petito continues that trend by being just 1.65 inches long by .8 wides. According to the ATP website, the drives are, “perfect for you to carry on your keychain, mobile phone, or for you to wear as your necklace.”

The security features of the Petito may be more interesting than their diminutive size. The Petito UFD security application will ship with the drives which will allow users to set up an access password of up to 16 characters. Users can also set a password hint, which is extremely important according to the product manual because the drive will erase itself after six failed login attempts.

We found no pricing on the Petito drives because the company’s “Buy Direct” link was down at the time of this writing.