Dell says it has no plans using AMD processors

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Dell says it has no plans using AMD processors

Kevin Rollins, chief executive of Dell, has squashed another round of rumors that Dell may be considering AMD processors in future products. “We really have no change in our stance,” said Rollins in the firm’s earnings release conference call, according to MarketWatch. “We’ve had great success (with Intel chips). It’s pretty clear that our customers are happy with our technology,” Rollins is quoted.

The executive answered another question about the relationship with AMD with what has become Dell’s standard answer about AMD in recent years: The company always is testing other technologies, he said. However, at this time, there would be no reason to switch the current [Intel] strategy.

Statements from several analysts late last year fueled the rumor mill about a possible and imminent deal between AMD and Dell. While none of the reports has been substantiated until today, rumors keep surfacing. One of the more visible and promoting voices for a business relationship between AMD and Dell is Rahul Sood, founder of VoodooPC, who frequently dedicates space in his blog to speculate about this topic.

More recently, he wrote that “the Dell AMD relationship is not just a matter of speculation, I would say it is imminent, and it is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’.” He believes that AMD in Dell computers will be a positive development for all system builders. While Dell will mean additional competition for Voodoo and other enthusiast PC makers, especially if one has Dell’s ambitions around its XPS performance PC series in mind, Sood believes that in “the PC industry is much like the automotive industry, there is room for Ferrari and there is room for GM.”

At least if we believe Rollins’ remarks to analysts today, those Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the PC industry won’t have to worry about a GM anytime soon. But then, we all know how quickly those “stances” can change and Sood may be right after all.