Lenovo ads still highlight "IBM" Thinkpads

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Lenovo ads still highlight "IBM" Thinkpads

“Give hackers the finger” is on of the catchphrases in online ads that will put Lenovo more onto a public stage of notebook manufacturers. Ads and commercials still communicate traditional perceptions of the Thinkpad – as the “finger” hints to the Thinkpad’s biometric feature – but are much more aggressive than IBM’s marketing strategy.

More than a year after IBM’s PC business transitioned to Lenovo and Lenovo was able to solidify its rank among the world’s largest PC manufacturers, the Thinkpad ads prominently display the IBM brand on the computers. The Lenovo logo does not appear on the Thinkpads itself. According to spokesperson, the IBM brand will be kept active on Thinkpads for the coming four years as part of an agreement between IBM and Lenovo.