Honeywell blames security breach on former employee

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Honeywell blames security breach on former employee

A recent security breach at an Arizona Honeywell plant is now being blamed on a former employee. In documents filed with the United States District Court in Arizona, Honeywell claims that Howard Nugent broke into Honeywell computers and distributed employee information to the Internet.

Last month Honeywell informed around 19,000 current and former employees of their Phoenix plant that their personal information was accessed and published on the Internet. The information originated from a payroll system which included names, social security numbers and phone numbers. Nugent posted the information on a website, which was noticed by Honeywell on 20 January 2006. The website has since been shut down.

On 30 January, Honeywell initiated its investigations against Nugent, but has not said, if the company plans to file criminal charges against its former employee.