Windows Vista to be released on 1 Dec?

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Windows Vista to be released on 1 Dec?

A blog site adds fuel to the speculations when Microsoft may release its next-generation operating system Windows Vista. According to teezeh dot info, Microsoft’s EMEA division has set up a web site that asks users to guess the launch date. Depending on the answer, the site will play a video – which either indicates that Vista may be released at an earlier or later date than the entered guess.

A look into the source code revealed to teezeh dot info that “early” ends on 30 Nov while “late” starts on 1 Dec. So, the obvious conclusion would be that Microsoft is aiming for a 1 Dec launch of Vista.

However, it would be quite surprising, if Microsoft made it that easy for users to identify the launch date of the software. A December launch also would be quite late, considering the fact that are many vendors with products that soon will be waiting for Vista to launch and certainly do not want to miss the holiday business.

While we think it is more realistic to put the Vista launch into the September or October time frame, Microsoft’s little guessing game of course keeps people talking until the next public beta of the software comes along.