WebServUSB puts a webserver on your keychain

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WebServUSB puts a webserver on your keychain

WebServUSB claims that it offers “the world’s smallest USB web server” – a self-contained web server in a USB flash keychain. When inserted into a Windows machine, the web server runs independently and, more importantly, securely by not mixing user accounts and web page information. In addition to serving out normal HTML pages, the device can handle PHP, CGI and other protocols. It even has a built-in FTP and remote access server.

The WebServUSB comes in several sizes from 128 megaBytes to one gigabyte large. Users can use built-in templates to create their webpages or build one from scratch and upload it via FTP. After a little bit of IP address configuration, the device can serve out the pages. Many high-speed Cable and DSL users have dynamic IP addresses which can make web serving difficult, but WebServUSB can hook into an optional dynamic DNS addressing service. This allows the web server to operate anywhere and with pretty much any IP address.

In the past couple of years, we have seen more applications built into USB flash drives. Hobbyists have been putting Linux and other operating systems on the devices. In addition, several companies have started sellig commercial “System on a stick” drives that can be used to securely surf the web on unknown computers – like computers at an Internet cafe.

The 128 MB model of the WebServUSB is currently selling for $90, while the 1GB model is priced at $400.