Slingbox makers raise $46.6 million

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Slingbox makers raise $46.6 million

Sling Media, the makers of the SlingBox that can stream television to the Internet, has raised almost $46.6 million dollars from several investors. Golden, Sachs & Company, Echostar Communications along with other undisclosed investors pitched. According to Blake Krikorian, co-founder and CEO of Sling Media, the cash will allow the company to push of new ways to “delight and empower the consumer”.

Back in September, the SlingBox was reviewed reviewed by Toms Networking’s Jim Buzbee. The SlingBox takes video from any TV or digital video recorder and redirects it to any computer in the world. It even works with PDAs. This is called “place-shifting” by Sling Media because you can view your video anywhere in the world. This is a play on the older term, “time-shifting”, where you can watch past shows, just as if they were live.

Sling Media hasn’t said exactly what their plans are for the money. However Krikorian sums up his feelings by simply saying, “In summary, we are stoked”.

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