CES 2006: Netgear announces Skype WiFi phone

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CES 2006: Netgear announces Skype WiFi phone

Las Vegas (NV) – NETGEAR has joined the Skype economy with its announcement of a WiFi Skype phone.

The SKYPE101 Skype WiFi Phone is completely self-contained, and enables Skype calling anywhere within range of a WiFi network. All a user needs to do is enter his or her Skype user name and password.

Preliminary specs show the phone having an 802.11b/g radio and supporting WEP 64 and 128 bit encryption, but neither WPA nor WPA2 wireless security. Talk time is spec’d at 3 hours and standby time is 50 hours.

Pricing and availability were not announced but were said to “planned for the first quarter of 2006.”

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