US Patent Office rejects another NTP patent

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US Patent Office rejects another NTP patent

Three patents down, two to go. Bloomberg is reporting that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has rejected a third patent by NTP. The company is currently embroiled in a legal battle with Research In Motion (RIM) the makers of the popular Blackberry phones. This comes just one day after the USPTO rejected another NTP patent involved in the lawsuit.

RIM is seeking to invalidate eight of NTP’s patents, but only five of those are named in the lawsuit. NTP has high ambitions and has recently rejected a settlement offer from RIM. In addition, NTP this week an equity stake in another firm, Visto. Visto is now suing Microsoft for patent infringment regarding mobile email transmission.

The USPTO is reviewing the following NTP patents: 5,625,670; 5,631,946; 5,819,172; 6,067,451 and 6,317,592. All five patents were rejected in the initial review. So far in this second stage of review, three patents have been re-rejected. The rejection is considered non-final and full resolution could still take years.


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