Intel to reveal new "emotional" brand identity in mid-December

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Intel to reveal new "emotional" brand identity in mid-December

There has been lots of activity at Intel lately – with enough global marketing staff traveling to and from the firm’s Santa Clara headquarters to save United Airlines from its bankruptcy woes. Rumor has it that the reason may be a massive rebranding campaign to prepare the Intel brand – worthmore than $35 billion – and the firm’s products for the next decade.

Intel employees already are briefed on the details of the new brand which will focus not so much on reliability as well as “safety and technology,” as customers expect those characteristics from today’s technology. It’s an open secret that Intel always envied the emotions covering brands such as Apple and AMD, so it should not be too much of a surprise that Intel is heading towards an emotional brand as well. “The new brand promise will establish a personal and emotional tie between Intel and consumers all over the planet,” we were told. To explain its branding strategy, the company even pointed to Apple’s iPod nano – and called it a “marvel of marketing.”

If we believe our sources, Intel has redesigned its logo, dropping the unique lowered “e” in its name and carrying over the dynamic circle from the “Intel Inside” logo to the main brand. The first processor to get more emotional will be the successor of the Pentium, which currently is codenamed “Yonah”, but apparently will be simply named “Core” when released. “Core” will be available in single-core and dual-core versions, apparently carrying the designations “Solo” and “Duo”.