Electronic paper development kits arriving in November

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Electronic paper development kits arriving in November

Electronic paper displays will be coming to the United States – Well at least the development kits will be. Starting next month, Eink.com will be releasing their Electronic Paper Development (EPD) Kit. In EPDs, microscopic black and white beads change color depending on electric charge. Once the page has been “set”, no further electricity is needed, making the technology perfect for electronic books or newspapers.

The kit includes a black and white six-inch display with a 800 by 600 pixel display, Gumstix computer, source code and development tools. The kits will be available on November 1, 2005 for around $3000. Eink will also be releasing a color version of the devoplement kit in the near future.

Electronic paper hasn’t gained traction in the United States, but has been commercially available in Japan for a few years. Perhaps the best known device is the black and white Sony Libre reader.