Samsung announces cellphone with 3 GByte harddrive

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Samsung announces cellphone with 3 GByte harddrive

Samsung today introduced a cellphone with a 3 GByte mini harddrive. The model SPH-V7900 succeeds the SPH-V5400, which was launched with a 1.5 GByte harddrive in September of last year. The storage capacity of the phone is enough to store two to three full length movies in MPEG-4/H.264 format or between 600 and 900 digital audio files.

According to the manufacturer, the SPH-V7900 also integrates dual speakers, a 2-megapixel digital camera with 2x optical zoom and MPEG4 video recording capability and document viewer functions.

The phone’s availability is currently limited to the Korean market, where it sells for about $700. A spokeswoman told TG Daily that there are no plans at this time to introduce the CDMA 2000 1x EVDO-based SPH-V7900 in North America.