FingerGear equips bootable flash drive with biometric finger swipe feature

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FingerGear equips bootable flash drive with biometric finger swipe feature

Fingergear announced the availability of itslatest Computer-On-a-Stick (COS) with an integrated finger swipe sensor. Last month TG Daily reviewed the COS which is a bootable Linux distribution on a USB flash drive. Containing the OpenOffice suite, a productivity package similar to Microsoft’s Office, the COS allowed users to work on most computers and save documents to the drive.

With USB Flash Drives approaching a capacity of 4 GByte or more, it was only a matter of time before a company put a whole operating system on these tiny keychain sized devices. The COS contains Open Office, Mozilla FireFox, GAIM Instant Messenger and a PDF Creator. While we found computer compatibility to be a problem in our review, we considered the device to have potential. With the original COS, documents saved on the drive were open to anyone, but the new version will store the documents in an encrypted directory. The directory can be accessed either by a typed in password or via the finger swipe sensor.

Jon Louis, co-founder of FingerGear, says, “Files saved to the device are 256-bit AES encrypted by default, unless you save them to the Public folder. The Bio edition gives you a choice to login in either with a password or with a fingerprint. You can add up to 5 additional fingerprints so you don’t have to give out the password.”

The new biometric Computer-On-a-Stick is currently shipping for $150.