Archos introduces portable media player with built-in camcorder

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Archos introduces portable media player with built-in camcorder

Irvine (CA) – If you can’t decide on whether to buy a digital camera, camcorder or MP3 player this holiday season, Archos wants to make the decision easy – Buy the Archos Gmini 402 and get everything. The Gmini 402 is the latest in the line of portable media players that integrates audio, video and still recording and playback into a portable gadget. According to Archos, the Gmini 402 is the first MP3 player with an integrated camcorder.

The 6.6 ounce unit sports a camcorder that records in MPEG4 format and the user can select from five bitrates ranging from 500 kilobits/sec to 2500 kilobits/sec. At the highest bitrate, the internal 20 GB hard-drive can hold 13 hours of video. In addition to taking videos, still pictures can be taken with the 1.2 megapixel sensor. JPG and BMP picture formats are supported. All of this can be viewed on the 2.2 inch LCD screen that has 220 x 176 pixel resolution.

If the LCD screen is too small for your tastes, an Audio/Video out connection lets you view the pictures and video on an external monitor. An external monitor of up to 720×480 @ 30 f/s (NTSC) or 720×576 @ 25 f/s (PAL) is supported. An analog cable and adapter is included with the unit.

Archos Gmini 402

While the video capabilities seem impressive, the Gmini 402 promises to have decent audio recording and playback. It will support playback of MP3, WMV, WAV and protected WMA files. An analog audio-in port will lets users record in WAV format (PCM and ADPCM). Voice recording can be done with the built-in microphone.

A USB 2.0 connector will allow for direct transfer of media from external hard-drives, USB keychains, or digital cameras. The Gmini 402 will also play the media straight from the source (no transfer needed). On the Archos website battery life is estimated to be around 2 hours for camcorder recording and up to 10 hours for music playback.

We could not reach Archos officials for an estimated price or delivery date.