Portable media player V-Pod coming to North America

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Portable media player V-Pod coming to North America

Amax Inc, a Monrovia California distributor, is releasing a small media player called the V-Pod 250. The V-Pod has 128 MByte of internal memory and removable SD cards can be used to add more capacity.

In addition to playing back MP3s and watching video, users will be able to record and convert audio and video through the Audio/Video in connection. A built-in microphone will also let users do voice recordings.

The included software allows users to rip and convert content from DVDs and CDs. Victor Yuan, VP of Marketing of Amax, emphasizes that the V-Pod is intended for legal copying, saying, “We certainly don’t want to tread on any copyrights or trademarks. For all those DVD movies at home, certainly we own them, and it’s perfectly legal for us to make backup copies.”

While there are no specific estimations on battery life, Yuan says that a full charge will allow someone to watch a three hour movie with some extra juice at the end to play some MP3s.

The V-Pod 250 will sell for $149 and is available at Vpod’s Website. It has already been selling in Japan and Taiwan for two months.