Taking Control of a Drug or Alcohol Habit

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What does addiction look like? For many of us, the answer is something out of a movie or a cautionary tale. Addiction, we figure, looks like people who are recognizably at “rock bottom.” Addicts live on the streets in filthy, tattered clothes. They have lost the people who once loved and cared for them. They […]

Five Points To Consider Before Repairing Air-conditioners

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Globally,  Air-conditioners are the need of the time where the temperature rises above the bearable figure of 25°c. The figure may differ according to the need and comfort. As the units are continuously in use, they are certainly to develop some malfunctioning that needs repair work. Following are the five most important points that ought to […]

Top 5 Chinese CEOs The West Doesn’t Know Yet

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The current corporate landscape is filled with stories of Western CEOs who have reached great heights, but the rest of the world is quickly catching up. China, for instance, already hosts more than a quarter of the world’s unicorn startups, and its corporations—including global brands like Tencent and Alibaba—are major competitors in the global economy.  […]