Forget Smarter Devices: The IoT Needs a Smarter Ecosystem

IoT internet of things internet network

By 2022, our planet will be home to three times more connected devices than people. Are we ready? Not even remotely. The issue is far greater than a hacked jeep here and a breached baby monitor there. It’s not even that nearly a quarter of rural Americans and around a third of those living on […]

Why Dell AMD Epyc PowerEdge Servers Are Game-Changing

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Often it is the hidden dynamic between vendors and their suppliers that can be game-changing, and this dynamic can either provide unexpected benefits or unexpected problems.  For instance, the battle between Apple and Qualcomm for modems created huge problems for both companies that most users of Apple products are just seeing now because Apple is […]

Landlord Guide: Do’s and Don’ts of Retaining Long-Term Tenants

Landlord tenancy agreement key hand lease house keys tenant signaturepen

Securing quality tenants is one of the most important tasks you have as a landlord. When trustworthy renters live in your properties, you know that you will receive rent on time and the units will remain in stable condition. However, your work doesn’t stop there.  While software such as TurboTenant can help you screen potential […]

How To Protect Your Personal Data With A VPN?


The internet is a great tool whether it’s working remotely, keeping in touch with family and friends or gaining access to the latest movies and streaming them. However, while there is a great deal of good there is a downside too. Hackers and thieves utilise the internet for their own means. While virus and malware […]