NVIDIA’s Drive Labs: Getting A Better Sense Of What AI Can Do

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One of the most interesting video series on the web is NVIDIA’s Drive Labs.  What makes it interesting is that they showcase week after week how their AI is maturing, what it is capable of, and you gain a sense of just how smart the system is becoming.   We are soon to be up to […]

Can You Sell Used Medical Equipment?

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Buying brand new medical equipment can take a toll both on finances and medical practices. Aside from being extremely expensive, the purchase adds to the price of maintenance and the arduous process of learning how to use complicated machinery. The technological advances in health care could easily dodge their main role whenever equipment malfunctions or […]

How Artificial Intelligence Will Run Your Schedule

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The boom of personal assistant artificial intelligence will likely continue according to Microsoft. Company employees can tell an artificial assistant powered by artificial intelligence how many people need to sit down at a meeting and an assistant will return ideas and places where a meeting can take place. Microsoft also believes that artificial intelligence will […]